Multi-Piece Projects

The multi-piece projects are collections of works that are related.

The works may be related in a literal sense, sharing characters and settings.

They may be related in a broad sense, sharing ideas and themes. 

Regardless of how evident the relation may be, every piece in a project is best, but not exclusively, understood in the context of the other pieces within that project.

Mono: One, single.

Derivative: To be taken or drawn from.

Omni: All, every.

Emission:  To be released.

Includes: Without Solace (2024, film),  Keenest Blade (TBD, film), Asolacia (TBD, film) Chisel (TBD, short story), Winterbird (TBD, multi-media).

In exchange for the dismissal, they are being observed. 

These stories follow a group of subjects deemed noteworthy.

Includes: Ballad of an Exile's Revenge (2024, film).

More projects to be detailed soon...