Hello, I am Justin.

This is me.

Justin Cross is an interdisciplinary student and artist. Since 2020, he has been developing numerous moving image works that vary from short animations to feature-length live action projects. Early in 2022, he started tutoring high school-level digital art and animation as well as high school-level English and literature on a freelance basis. In 2021, he received a scholarship for an undergraduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is expected to graduate with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree.

I am a moving image artist who primarily makes works for adolescents and young adults. Typically, my work uses the lens of science fiction and fantasy as allegory for topics that I feel equipped to provide a meditation or thesis on. 

The modes used to create my moving image works are pencil sketching, digital composition, animation, photography, and music. My process for moving image is heavily influenced by the process of lo-fi musicians. I am very interested in works produced on a small scale. I admire the personal aspects of art and want to see how ambitious projects can be created on a small and personal scale. I like to be understood as a lo-fi filmmaker. 

Many of my moving image works are in literal and/or thematic conversation with each other. Even if they are visually dissimilar or not in the same medium, I often start my works with the intent to bring back characters, settings, and ideas to be explored further. I have grouped many of my in progress works into 'multi-piece-projects,' with the intent of constructing an album-like experience where a viewer can engage with a piece on it's own, but is also rewarding to those who may be interested in the interconnected diegesis or themes of the works.

Beyond the masters of the mediums I employ, my work is focused on the human interaction with world history, natural science, studies in physical and mental illnesses, astronomy, social studies, anthropology, and theology. Generally, the idea is to get a younger audience who may be interested in the form and aesthetic and introduce them to ideas and concepts that they may find useful and/or therapeutic.