Hello, I am Justin.

This is me.

Justin Cross (he/him) is an interdisciplinary artist. He is an undergraduate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is expected to graduate with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree. When he completes his undergraduate schooling, he intends to pursue anthropology and philosophy.

I am a student and narrative artist. I do various forms of art, with a focus on moving image. 

To get a good sense of what I intend to do with my work, I'd like to invoke the term 'lo-fi.'

'Lo-fi' is a term that has been popularized by musicians. It tends to refer to works produced on a small scale, often by an individual or small team. 

I admire the personal aspects of art and want to see how ambitious projects can be created on a small and personal scale. A 'lo-fi' filmmaker. 

Modes I use to convey stories, characters, and themes:

-Film (photography)

-Film (animation)

-Written text

-Digital illustrations

-Paper sketches